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Volume 75, No. 2 (2012)

Climate Change and Biodiversity: Research and Policy Issues in Sustainable Forestry in Malaysia
Wan Razali, W. M. and Awang Noor, A.G.
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Mountain Trails as An Ecotourism Product in Malaysia: Proposed Classification and Grading
Sam Shor, N. Y., Shukri Mohamed and Azlizam Aziz
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Two New Species and Two New Records of Vatica L. (Dipterocarpaceae) for Peninsular Malaysia
Houssein M. A. El-Taguri and A. Latiff
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Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach for Responsible Tourism Management
Madhavan Balan Nair, Sridar Ramachandran, Ahmad Shuib, Syamsul Herman, M.A. and Vikneswaran Nair
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Strategic Approach in Stakeholder Identification for Sustainable Ecotourism Development
Hin Wai Yip, Abdullah M., Wan Razali W.M., Manohar M. and Awang Noor A.G.
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Effect of Commercial Hormones and Cutting Position on The Rooting of Cuttings Taken From Propagules of Rhizophora Apiculata Blume
Aminah, H., Tariq Mubarak, H. and Ahmad Fauzi, M.S.
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Community Structure and Productivity of Mangrove Forests in Two National Parks of West Malaysia
Tan, D. D., Wan Juliana, W. A. and Maimon, A.
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Barringtonia Sanimiranii (Lecythidaceae), A New Species From Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia and Notes on Two Other Species
Rohana, K. A. and Latiff, A.
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Mountain Trails in Malaysia: Its Establishment and Origin
Sam Shor, N.Y, Shukri, M., Azlizam, A., Wan Sabri, W.M. and Roselan, B.
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Valuing The Recreational Benefit of Cross-Border Shopping at Wang Kelian Sunday Market, Perlis, Malaysia
Syamsul Herman, M.A, Ahmad, S., Ramachandran, S. and Rusli, Y.
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Assessing The Economic Impact of Sustainable Forest Management Practices on The Timber Market in Peninsular Malaysia
Abdul-Rahim, A.S., Mohd Shahwahid, H.O., Mad-Nasir, S., and Awang-Noor, A.G.
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Regeneration Status and Population Profiles of Peat Swamp Forest in Pekan Forest Reserve, Pahang
Ismail, P.1, Nizam, M.S. and Sadali, S.
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