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Volume 72, No. 2 (2009)

A New Species Of Dendrobium (orchidaceae : Sect. Calcarifera) From Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia
Rosli Zakaria And A. Latiff
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Visitors-Wildlife Interactive Activity Towards Sustainability Of Wildlife Tourism In National Elephant Conservation Centre, Pahang
Darishawati Daud, Abdullah Mohd, Mohamed Zakaria Hussin And Manohar Mariapan
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Determinants Of Deforestation In Peninsular Malaysia: An Ardl Approach
A. S. Abdul Rahim And H. O. Mohd Shahwahid
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Chlorophyll Fluorescence Of Three Dipterocarp Species In A Reciprocal Planting
A-H. Hazandy, S. Sharifah-Amira, Y. Mohd-Hazimy And I. Mohd-Kamil
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Estimating Cover Preferences Of Seladang (Bos Gaurus Hubbacki) In Krau Wildlife Reserve, Pahang
Ebil Yusof
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Impacts Of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification On Natural And Plantation Forests
M. Rusli And H. S. Nabilah
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Biomass And Carbon Storage Of Three Virgin Jungle Reserves In Peninsular Malaysia
A. Hikmat, A. Latiff And I. Faridah-hanum
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Modelling Growth Of Swietenia Macrophylla (Mahogany) Plantation In Gum-gum Forest Reserve, Sabah
Y. M. Ng, Kamziah Abd Kudus, F. R. Chia, J. Lapongan And K. N. K. Pang
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Culms Productivity Of Gigantochloa Scortechinii In Response To Harvesting Techniques Applied
Abd. Razak Othman And Azmy Hj. Mohamed
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Edge Responses Of Birds In An Isolated Lowland Tropical Rainforest In Peninsular Malaysia
Hossein Varasteh Moradi, Mohamed Zakaria , And Zamri Rosli
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Notes On The Distribution And Ecology Of Aquilaria Lam. ( Thymelaeaceae) In Malaysia
I. Faridah-Hanum, M. Z. Mustapa, P. Lepun, T. I. Tuan Marina, M. Nazre, Ribka Alan And R. Mohamed
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Relationship Between Tree Height And Diameter At Breast Height For A 16-year Old Stand Of Hopea Kerangasensis In Sarawak
Mohamad Roslan Mohamad Kasim And W. P. Tee
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